One of the App Store Foundation's goal is to make AppCoins available for everyone, and that's why users that don't own APPC can make payments with credit cards.

Below you can see a live log of express conversion exchange transactions. Every time a user makes an in-app purchase with a credit card, we will convert the fiat currency into APPC via (Conversion). Those APPC will then be transferred to the BDS account (Withdrawal). You can see all of these transactions in this page.

Time APPC Bought ETH Cost Exchange Rate
2019-Nov-16 01:05am 66.09821629 0.0130516 0.00019745767333172
2019-Nov-16 12:45am 285.25980588 0.0556556 0.00019510494942779
2019-Nov-15 11:28pm 430 0.084194 0.0001958
2019-Nov-15 11:24pm 430 0.084194 0.0001958
2019-Nov-15 11:02pm 171.48 0.0336088 0.00019599253557266
2019-Nov-15 10:57pm 171.48 0.0336088 0.00019599253557266
2019-Nov-15 10:49pm 252.69588648 0.0494362 0.00019563515927638
2019-Nov-15 10:29pm 571.52073991 0.1117116 0.00019546377270157
2019-Nov-15 10:23pm 430 0.0838525 0.00019500581395349
2019-Nov-15 09:38pm 110.63862631 0.0217449 0.00019653985886514

From October 1st, the App Store Foundation has an Incentives Program available for developers that integrate APPC billing system. With a 10,000 APPC reward at the moment of integrating and a weekly reward of 125,000 APPC, it’s a great opportunity for developers to see the advantages of distributing and monetizing apps through blockchain technology.