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Developers Incentives - Weekly Distribution

The App Store Foundation has implemented an ambitious incentives plan for developers to integrate the AppCoins SDK for in-app purchases in their apps and games. It’s very easy to get rewards in APPC, and the sooner you integrate the higher rewards you can get!

Two types of incentives are available:

1) Successful SDK integration

Starting on October 1st, developers with more than 5,000 downloads in any app store will get a reward of 10,000 APPC after completing the integration.

The SDK integration can be done using the ASF SDK (basic functionalities) or any SDK by an AppCoins service provider (like BDS, with extended functionalities).

2) Weekly Reward

Every week, 125,000 APPC are distributed proportionally to the number of IAP transactions per game.

These funds are locked for a 12 month period. If the AppCoins network grows, the value of APPC will increase and the developers will benefit.

The sooner a developer joins, the better chances it’ll have to earn AppCoins since the competition for the 125,000 APPC pot will increase as more developers join.

In game theory and tokenconomics, this dynamics is called double network effects and it’s a way to share the success of AppCoins protocol with those who contribute to it.

Check out the current rank:

There is also an incentive program for OEMs and app stores. Please contact the App Store Foundation or BDS team to know the details.

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Who Should Join
App Stores

All app stores wanting to monetize their user base through in-app purchase revenue. Strategic players with a clear vision of all transactions through the blockchain technology and interest to participate in the Foundation’s activities and to integrate the protocol.


App developers advertising to users to install their app/game who want a better performing acquisition, app listing and more efficient monetization. They’ll benefit from blockchain technology and protocol integration.

OEM Manufacturers

All device manufacturers who distribute a preloaded app store wanting to monetize their user base through blockchain technology. These stakeholders seek more transparency through the blockchain ledger and are willing to participate in the Foundation’s activities.