One SDK, multiple App Stores

The App Store Foundation SDK allows developers to make in-app transactions in AppCoins and to create user acquisition campaigns based on AppCoins rewards. The integration is simple enough to be done in under ten minutes, but support is available for any developer that may need it.

Both components (in-app billing and user acquisition campaigns) can be implemented with one simple solution through the ASF SDK. However you can integrate only one of the components; check the IAB SDK for in-app payments and the Advertisement SDK for acquisition campaigns.


BDS is an AppCoins services provider for developers, app stores and OEMs that offers an extended implementation of the protocol. You can learn more about it here.

Why Integrate the ASF SDK?
  • Integrate once and distribute in many app stores
  • Access a worldwide network of app stores with more than 200M users and growing fast (70% YOY)
In-App Payments
  • Your funds are not kept by any app store: thanks to blockchain technology, developers and buyers have a direct relationship
  • You’ll keep 85% of the payment, the best payout rate in the market
User Acquisition
  • User’s reward for attention incentivizes more engaged users
  • Proof of Attention guarantees that users spend at least 2 minutes in your app, so there is no possibility of fraud
Minimum Pre-Requisites
Early Adopters Program
Join the Early Adopter Program when integrating the ASF SDK and enjoy all of the advantages!