A Standard for the App Economy
  • Guaranteeing an independent and transparent governance of the AppCoins protocol
  • Promoting its development, scalability and adoption through bootstrap strategies and events
  • Giving voice to app stores, users and developers for them to participate in the app economy

AppCoins (APPC) is the open and decentralized protocol promoted by the App Store Foundation, which will also contribute with an open source reference implementation. The aim of this cryptocurrency is to efficiently manage incentives between developers, users and app stores.


Providing an environment where developers perform acquisition, app listing and revenue transactions in an efficient and transparent way benefiting from blockchain technology.

One single integration and one single APK works within all AppCoins-enable app stores

Guaranteed 85% revenue share compared to other app stores

The new proof of attention system reduces risk of fraudulent traffic

OEMs/App Stores

Providing tools for app stores and OEMs to monetize their user base and take part in the app ecosystem.

Guaranteed 10% revenue share for app stores and 5% for OEMs on all transactions inside app stores implemented in the smart contract

Visibility on the app transactions inside their app stores, through the blockchain ledger

All the revenue is received directly and instantaneously from the users. No intermediation of the payments

Early Adopters Shaping the Future of App Economy
Bica Studios is best known for developing the most addictive smasher game: Smash Time
This OEM provides users with the ultimate mobile experience through its value added app store
Infinity Games is proud to have reached +20M downloads on good looking games
A British publisher with proven experience on making a success of all type of games
Technology enthusiast Marcelo Porto has achieved +50k downloads with this casual game
With more than 27 years in the Brazilian market is one of the largest player in electronics supply
Tallnum is the result of a creative project that connects artists from 4 different continents
After one year in the market, Viango has surprised everyone with its original indie games
Its Mobilegaming stores explores the possibility of using blockchain in LATAM and India
Smartapps is a Vietnamese developer responsible for one the most successful DNS Changer app for Android
Their first game, Metal Command, includes all those details that makes us game lovers
Altitude Games have brought us Dream Defense, which was part of Android Excellence collection in 2017
Webcore Games develops exclusive titles that are tailored for an specific brand or product
Digio TwentyOne Communications achieved a significant milestone last year by launching 6 games in 6 months
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AppCoins Working Groups

AppCoins Working Groups are the primary mechanism to enhance the specifications and guidelines of the AppCoins protocol

Current Groups
App Advertisement Join E-mail Archive
In-App Purchases Join E-mail Archive
Developer Reputation System Join E-mail Archive
ASF Governance Join E-mail Archive
AppCoins Compliant Badge “AppCoins Compliant” badge is a certification program run by ASF that confirms that a specific app store, Wallet or blockchain service is partially or totally compliant with AppCoins protocol.
App Store Foundation is a proud member of Enterprise Ethereum Alliance